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TV, phone and broadband

Home entertainment, fast internet and keeping in-touch with loved ones far away doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few simple steps, you can get yourself the ideal TV, Broadband and phone package that will suit your needs, without breaking the bank.

Not paying for a TV Licence is a criminal offence which can result in prosecution and a fine of up-to £1000 excluding legal costs.


You will need a TV licence. UK law states that if you are watching or recording TV programmes as they are being shown on TV, Computer, Tablet and Smartphone, then you are required to have a TV Licence. Most Halls of Residence do not cover you for a TV Licence and you will need to purchase one for your room or Dorm. Purchasing a TV Licence is quick and easy and can be done online.


Since April 2012, the UK has undergone a Digital Switchover. Analogue signals have been switched off and consumers are now able to enjoy over 70 channels including BBC, ITV and Film4 all for FREE. All you need to purchase is a digital Freeview set-top-box and plug it in.

Package Deals

Having a package deal can often give you more for less. USwitch, SimplifyDigital, and moneysavingexpert are all websites giving you the latest deals and benefits of combining your phone, TV and broadband, which is often cheaper than paying for each service separately.

Set-up and Bills

Skype/ Facetime

Skype is another cheap alternative to keeping in touch with Friends and loved ones far away. The Face-to-Face video calling software allows unlimited Skype-to-Skype calling at anytime for free.

Facetime is Apple’s version of Skype – unlimited video calls to anyone who has the FaceTime App.

Phone Cards

An international calling card can also be a cheap way to call abroad while using any landline – without incurring costs to that landline. Phone Cards can also be used abroad and are cheap and easy to carry.


Mobiles can be costly things, sometimes even a pay-as-you-go mobile can cost more depending on how much use it gets. The important thing to remember is that whatever you choose – a contract or pay-as-you-go - you must not exceed your plan and know your limits.

Like the TV, Broadband and Phone deals, there are packages for mobile phones which will suit your needs and it’s important to hunt around to find the right tariff with the right phone for you.

Experts like moneysupermarket will also help you find the right phone and payment plans for you.

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