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Save money on your utility bills this winter

With rising gas and electricity prices, households are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the higher costs of utility bills.

As a student utility bills can have a significant impact on your finances, but there are steps you can take to help reduce these costs.

Check your supplier/ give meter readings

When moving into a new flat or shared accommodation, find out who supplies your gas, water and electricity early. Taking meter readings and confirming that you have just moved in will reduce the risks of paying for water and energy that was used by the previous tenants.

If you are unsure who your supplier is, ask your landlord or contact the Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) on 0800 320 2000 who will be able to help you.

Register everyone

Registering every household member on the account will ensure that everyone is responsible for paying the bills.

Compare energy suppliers

Comparing energy suppliers can save you large sums of money year on year. Websites like and will do the hard work and search for your cheapest tariff.

A full list of accredited price comparison websites for comparing energy tariffs can be found on the Consumer Focus website

Don’t be afraid to switch

Many energy companies charge you a nominal fee for changing to another supplier, depending on how much this fee is, it can transfer you to a tariff that can save you more money per year than the fee itself.

Fixed tariff

Having a fixed tariff contract (usually a yearly contract) would ensure that the amount per unit for the duration of the contract remains the same, protecting you from any future price rises.

Save energy

One easy way of cutting your bills is to use less energy. Below are a few ideas on how to use less energy.

Take advantage of incentives

Keep an eye out for incentives from energy companies. Getting free loft and cavity wall insulation can result in lower energy consumption and lower bills - Just don't forget to ask your landlord if this would be possible!!

Don’t get into trouble

If you are finding it hard to meet your monthly energy bills, speak to your supplier and inform them of your situation, they may have payment plans which can help you balance your energy bills with the rest of your outgoings. You may also be eligible for financial assistance in the form of a Charis Grant. More information and how to apply is avaliable on the Charis Grants website.

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