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NHS Bursaries

NHS Bursaries are annual payments awarded to assist with day to day living costs while you are studying. It also includes the cost of your tuition fees for the course you wish to attend. A bursary is not subject to income tax deductions or national insurance contributions. There are two types of bursary available, depending on which course you are undertaking. These are either income-assessed or non-income assessed.

The income-assessed bursary is calculated using either your own, your parents’ income, or that of your spouse, civil partner or your partner, if appropriate. The non-income assessed bursary provides a flat rate basic maintenance grant and no contribution is required from your income or that your family.

Who is entitled to an NHS Bursary?

England, Wales and Northern Ireland


Following a change in the regulations for academic year 2013/14, Students funded through SAAS will have no change in their funding when they reach their 5th and later years of study. This applies to new and continuing students. For students studying medicine as their second degree, in Scotland you can also apply for the standard funding package from your fifth year of study. If you are studying medicine in the rest of the UK then you can apply to have your tuition fees paid from the fifth year of study. In the first four years, you will need to apply for a tuition fee loan

EU students

EU students can apply for payment of tuition fees only at the same stage of their particular course as UK students.

Who administers the Bursaries?

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NHS Student Bursaries (part of the NHS Business Services Authority) administers the Bursaries for English domiciled students and EU students studying in England. They award and pay bursaries to students on pre-registration health professional training courses according to the NHS Bursary Scheme as published by the Department of Health. If you are thinking of taking up (or are already enrolled on) a qualifying training course, you’ll find information on their website about who can apply for a NHS bursary and how to apply

NHS Student Bursaries also have a useful bursary calculator that will give you an estimate of what you could receive (if eligible).  It is only to be used as a guide, we cannot confirm your eligibility or award entitlement until we have received and processed your application and all your supporting evidence.

NHS Student Bursaries
Ridgeway House
Northgate Close
Horwich, Bolton,
Tel: 0300 330 1345

Please note the opening hours are as follows:
8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
9am - 3pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday


NHS Wales Student Awards Unit, based within National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, administers the Bursaries for Welsh domiciled students and EU students studying in Wales. You will still need to apply to Student Finance Wales for the non-income assessed student loan for maintenance.

NHS Wales Student Awards Unit
6th floor, Churchill house
17 Churchill Way
CF10 2TW
Tel 029 2019 6167

Northern Ireland

Student Finance NI administers the NHS Bursaries on behalf of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSPSS) for Northern Irish domiciled students and EU students studying in Northern Ireland. You will also need to apply to Student Finance NI for the non-income assessed student loan for maintenance.
EU students also apply to Student Finance Northern Ireland. For Student Finance NI students living in England, Wales and Scotland should apply to the North Eastern Education and Library board.

Student Finance Northern Ireland
Tel: 0845 600 0662

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