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P46/P60/P45 Forms

Getting paid work is a simple way to supplement your income. However, there are some important things to consider when thinking about getting a job whilst at medical school:

This section contains advice on the different types of work available and where to find them along with information on minimum wage, income tax and how to reclaim it, national insurance and working as an EEA or International Student.

Types of work

These are many differenct types of student work available, here are just a few:

Medically related part-time and vacation work

Other part-time work and vacation work

Where to find work

There are lots of places to find temporary and part time work for students. A good place to start is your Students' Union or your University’s Careers Service or Faculty notice boards and emails. For temporary or part time work with the NHS, use the NHS Professionals website. For other temporary work there are many different high street employment agencies that specialise in providing temporary staff. There are also numerous websites dedicated to student jobs, some of which are listed in the related links section on the right hand side. Start a filing system when you go to University. Keep all your important financial documents such as student funding notices, payslips, bank statements, tax credit awards etc. for at least six years. Take photocopies of important documents if you need to send the originals away.



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