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Food & shopping

When it comes to shopping and food, many students go to the extremes...either stocking too much food and seeing it go to waste, or not stocking up at all and finding that eating out every day is creating a big dent in their finances.

Finding that balance seems illusive to many students, but it can be achieved by following a few tips:



Before you set out to shop, check out these websites:

FixtureFerrets – for all your supermarket offers

My Supermarket – by inputting your shopping list, it will work out where you can find all the items at the best price

or if you know you don’t have time for a visit to the supermarket, shop online at any of the leading supermarkets, take advantage of online discounts and make sure they have free delivery.

Eating & health

It’s always a struggle to combine portion control and healthy eating with the ability to save money and eating three balanced meals a day is important to keep functioning properly

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